Getting going to feel good

It’s late October now, and the high still hasn’t dropped below 70 degrees. We haven’t seen any significant rain for months. This week, the sky looks and smells like an ashtray, and we’ve been stuck indoors, feeling uneasy about the world. (Somewhere along the way, October 2022 has been branded “Augtober,” which is obnoxious but also feels about right.)

It can be tempting for me to think that I just need to hit upon the right piece of inspiration or muscle my way into the right mindset to feel motivated to do, well, anything when I feel unsettled. Instead, I’ve been reminding myself of a concept I came across in the spring of 2021: I don’t need to feel good to get going; I need to get going to give myself a chance to feel good.

This most obviously applies to exercise, which is how Lindsay Crouse, a runner and writer at The New York Times, wrote about it after struggling with pandemic burnout. But I’ve found it also can help me reconnect with creativity in the kitchen, at my desk, and in my relationships, too.

As performance coach Brad Stulberg puts it: “Show up — even when you don’t want to — and act in service of your core values. That’s the only way you’ll become them.”

Austin Kleon says it more succinctly: “Forget the noun, do the verb.”

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Love it. Both my staffs will benefit from the Stulberg quotation.

Loved the little pumpkin post, too. Sorry Maeve didn’t feel good on your trip and happy belated anniversary!

Brittany-I love your stories. Thank you for sharing news about your beautiful baby girl and all of her progress in activity. She is so special! We are living in a different world now-just have to adjust and accept what we have been given. We are still harvesting our major crop of hazelnuts. We need sunshine and dry weather to accomplish this. I hope to visit you and your family soon. Love, GMC

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