Make a list of everything you’re good at

Cleaning the house.

Trusting my intuition.

Flossing every night.

Losing control when I get the giggles.



Sensing other people’s emotions.

Being slow to acknowledge the things I do well.

Letting myself tear up a little bit when I’m moved by music.

Spelling. (I have a third-place county spelling bee ribbon stashed in a box somewhere as proof.)

Writing letters and birthday cards and texts and tweets to my loved ones.

Expressing gratitude in effusive letters or emails that might cause me to cringe five years later.

Being earnest.

Turning cartwheels.

Eating my vegetables.

Sharing music and experiences with my sisters.

Being alone.


Eating ice cream.

Hanging out with toddlers.

Paying attention to my feelings. (Not so good at leaning into them, but it’s a work in progress.)

Remembering names.

Drinking enough water.

Dancing without embarrassment.

Playing ping-pong.

Serving on volunteer committees.

Embracing playfulness.

Making sangria.


Informing my friends about politics, current events, and pop culture.

Staying home on Friday nights.

Organizing. (Plays, parties, meetings, stacks of paper, kitchen cupboards, my thoughts.)

Worrying about my heart.

Growing houseplants.

Doing what I say I am going to do.

Indulging my quirks.

Remembering the lyrics of most 1990s country music songs. (Despite attempts to forget them.)

Obsessing slightly.

Speaking in public.

Making abstract connections.

Riding horses.

Having good penmanship.

Giving gifts.

Taking care of my clothes. (Dry cleaning. Ugh.)

Making lists.

Doing the work.

Taking walks.

Practicing kindness.

Writing it down.

Fulfilling civic duties. (Am I the only one who loves jury duty?!) 

Working on my handstands.

Embracing my curly hair.

Washing the dishes.


Doing pushups.

Avoiding caffeine.


Keeping a routine.

Changing my sheets.

Scaring my sisters by jumping out at them.

Planning trips.

Enduring long days in airports and on planes.

Tossing things I don’t need.

Stressing out for too long about a playlist or menu that I’ve planned.

Self-diagnosing myself with serious diseases or life-threatening conditions.

Placing endless significance on the written word. 

Observing my heroes carefully.

Being on my feet all day.


Curling my eyelashes.

Playing nice on first dates.

Talking to myself in the car when I’m feeling a little unhinged.

Editing cover letters and resumes and applications and essays.

Packing and eating my lunch even when I’m not excited about cold chicken and carrot sticks.

Returning phone calls.

Loving dill pickles.

Whining about packing a suitcase. Also, packing a suitcase.

Keeping a logbook.

Contributing my thoughts to creative projects.

Asking questions.

Making creative things with my hands, like off-centered ceramic bowls and amateur doodles. 

Devotedly watching Saturday Night Live. 

Carrying multiple dishes on my arms.

Taking little kids seriously.

Not crying.

Winning at Boggle.


Disguising my anxiety.

Reading the newspaper.

Editing photos on my iPhone.

Writing honestly.

Telling the truth.

Playing four chords on my ukulele.

Being self-aware.

Sharing work that inspires me.

Voting with my dollars.

Paying my library fines.

Showing up.

Recommending books and music.

Singing to and petting our Labrador.  

Feeling self-conscious when everyone else is worried about themselves.